Preparation of Corporate,Partnership,
&Not for Profit Organizations
Our tax professionals stay up to date with the latest law changes, so we can provide the best solutions to minimize your tax liabilities.

Type of Entity Selection
Let us help you decide which entity is best for you: Sole Proprietorship, Corporation C or S Corp., Partnership or LLC.

Preparation of 1099-MISC
Let our office take care of all your 1099 preparation needs.

Quickbooks Consulting
Whether you are new to Quickbooks or a longtime user, our office provides set up, review of financial data, and guidance on restructuring accounting issues.

Financial Statements
Financial statements are important not only to our client’s banks and loan providers but they are essential in making informed business decisions. We strive to provide timely, accurate and easy to understand financial statements so you can run your business as efficiently and successfully as possible.

Tax Research
It’s important that our clients are aware of specific tax information for their individual business.  We pride ourselves on knowing that we take the time to research any specialty tax or credit that will effect your business.

Tax Implications of Selling or Purchasing a Business
There’s no doubt that the potential of additional taxes exist when looking to sell or purchase a business. Our job is to help take the unknown out of the picture by giving you solid figures of how much will you pay in taxes, cost factors and most beneficially way of selling or purchasing a business.

Set up of Accounting System
Setting up an accurate Chart of Accounts is an important first step for every business. We provide support and guidance to make this task less difficult.