Bookkeeping Services

Complete Accounting Services
As a small business owner every dollar counts. At Machado & Silva Inc, our team will work with you to set a budget.

• Bookkeeping ( Monthly/Quarterly/Annually )
• General Ledger & Financial Statements
• Payroll
• Direct Deposit
• Payroll Quarterly Tax Filings & W2’s
• Sales tax on Meals & Beverage and Sales/Use Tax
• Accounts Receivable
• Accounts Payable

We provide weekly, biweekly, and monthly payroll, whether you have 1 employee or 100 you’ll
find our fees reasonable. Our payroll fees also include preparation of all payroll returns and W2s.

Direct Deposit
Offer your employees direct deposit for a small additional fee.

Payroll Tax Filings & W2s
Do your own payroll but uncomfortable with completing Form 941, WR‐1 or State
Unemployment Forms? Our office can file all your payroll quarterly forms and/or just your W2’s.

Sales Tax on Meals & Beverage and Sales/Use Tax
If your business is required to file either of the above taxes, our office can take care of those
filings for you.

Accounts Receivable
Need us to send out your invoices? We can do that!

Accounts Payable
End those late fees and bounced check fees let us handle paying your bills.